Garbage & Recycling

Township Trash & Recycling Collection

The township contracts for the collection of refuse and recycling material for East Caln Township. Every single family home is provided with a waste toter for refuse material and a recycle toter.

All refuse, except for bulk refuse, must be placed in the toter at curbside by 5:00 am on the designated trash day. Pick-up days are Mondays and Thursdays. Bulk refuse is the third Thursday of the month and recycling is on Thursdays.

Trash is not picked up on holidays, it is collected the next day and the rest of the week shifts. For example, if the holiday is Monday, trash is collected on Tuesday and Friday that week. If the holiday is Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, the trash will be picked up on Friday. Monday’s collection is not affected.

Bulk Refuse Material

Bulk refuse is picked up the third Thursday of each month (except Holiday weeks) and includes either two extra bags of trash or one large appliance or piece of furniture.  Mattress/Boxspring sets are accepted but required to be wrapped/bagged in plastic.  Electronic and Hazardous Waste is not accepted.  Special arrangements are required for any appliance that contains Freon, i.e. air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. (Freon must be professionally removed). Items must be placed on the curb or in the toter by 5:00 am on the designated Bulk Trash day.

Branch Pick Up

The Township will have a chipper working on the fourth Wednesday of every month. If the contractor has bad weather or an abundance to pick up, it is possible they will extend their pick up to the next day (weather permitting).  Please note, in order to keep costs as low as possible for the Township, this service is for homeowners work only, contractors doing work at Township residences, should chip and haul material away.  No root balls, No bamboo.  They will take whole or partial branches.  Place in one pile per property, do not scatter piles.   Please do not park on the street near the branches to be picked up, the contractor will not chip any items that have a car parked nearby and your branches will not be taken. Please have your piles on the curb by 5am.  Thank You.

Recycling Program

The recycling program includes the following materials: metal cans, glass, plastics numbers 1,2 and 5 commingled in the recycling container. along with newspapers, magazines, corrugated cardboard and junk mail can be together in the recycle toter.

Hazardous Waste Collection

The County Organizes multiple Hazardous waste collection events throughout the year.  To find out what needs to be brought to a Hazardous Waste Collection event and event details, please visit this website:  Hazardous Waste Collection Information

Electronics (TV's, Computers, Printers, Microwaves etc.), Appliances, Automotive Waste and Styrofoam

Electronics, Appliances (non freon) and Styrofoam can be taken directly to the Lanchester Landfill:

Lanchester Landfill, 7224 Division Hwy, Narvon, PA 17555    

Many items including TVs, Computers, Monitors, Printers, Automotive Waste, Appliances (please check freon requirements), Microwaves, Smoke Detectors, Styrofoam, etc. can be taken directly to the Lanchester Landfill.  To ensure your item can be taken to the Landfill or have a question about Recycling specialty products that don't go in your Recycling Toter, Click Here!

New limit on TVs brought for recycling at Lanchester Landfill:

  • Limit of (1) TV per household
  • You must show ID that you are a resident in our service area.
  • Computers and computer peripherals: still a maximum of 3

This change is necessary, until further notice, due to serious capacity limitations.

It is still a free service.

For more information on Recycling, visit the following websites:

Republic Services

Chester County Solid Waste Authority

Anyone with questions should call the Township Office at (610) 269-1989.

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