Do I need a Permit?

The following work always requires a permit (not limited to):

New building, addition or renovation 


Electrical or plumbing work 

Replacement of a boiler; water heater; furnace or heating-air conditioning unit. 

Oil tank removal 

Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs




Decks & Patios

Driveway Expansion

Structural Changes 

Sales of a property (Residential or Commercial), change of Tenant (Commercial properties) (Use & Occupancy Permit)

The following work does not require a permit:

Installing a new floor or tile work 


Door Replacements, provided it is the same exact size. 

Window Replacements, provided it is the same exact size. 

Repaving, sealing of driveways 

Re-roofing (no structural changes) 

If in doubt, call first 


Permits must be obtained PRIOR to the start of any work, except in the case of an emergency replacement of a furnace, boiler or water heater. This type of work is allowed provided the Office is notified and the permit is obtained within five calendar days.